• What can I expect at the Victims’ Impact Panel?

You will sit with other DUI offenders and listen to a panel of speakers or a speaker who will share heart-felt stories in a non-threatening setting about how someone’s choice to drive under the influence or driving reckless has affected their lives and the lives of others. A video will also accompany the live panel presentation. The program will last 2 hours. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program. You will be expected to dress appropriate, no hats allowed. No food, drink, breaks, or bathroom break is allowed during the 2 hours.

  • Do I have to attend a program in the same city where I was arrested?

No. Victims’ Impact Panel are throughout the state of Georgia. You may attend the closest VIP program to you or of your choice.

  • Can I bring a guest?

Yes, as long as they are over the age of 14. There is no fee for guest.

  • Do I need an appointment to attend the Victims’ Impact Panel?

No appointment is necessary. Walk-ins are always welcome! We can schedule a class to fit your needs, just call Magnum 706-482-0009 to request a VIP class.


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